Project management

Building or refitting a luxury yacht requires teamwork and dedicated specialists. Coordinating with specialists is the key to achieving a fully operational and perfect yacht. It is the ongoing mission of Water Line LTD. to deliver the absolute best at any yard throughout the world.

We at WATER LINE LTD. will ensure that our services will not only complete the project to the highest standards, but we will provide you with the most cost effective way of completing technical aspects without compromising quality.

We will assess your project and assist you through the complete process, commencing with a complete list of works. Together, we will review the entire schedule and work with you to meet your requirements.

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 Management of the ship procurement process including:

  • preparation of bid documents
  • shipyard selection
  • contract negotiation
  • selection of equipment
  • budget control

Management of newbuild and conversion/refit projects:

  • Design & Naval architecture
  • Drawing approval of shipyard drawings
  • Site team management
  • Provision of quality control and technical supervision on site
  • Specification and Planning